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Affective Dog Behavior (ADB)

Certification Course

Level 1




For many years, society has made important strides in the right direction by acknowledging that dogs are sentient beings. Now is the time to take our amazing relationship with our canine friends to a whole new level and learn the science of canine emotionality and how this knowledge can be applied in real life.

Enrollment starts
now and ends
December 31, 2022


5-Step Program

Step 1 - Introductory Workshop

Get to know your fellow students and teachers during this basic introduction of Affective Dog Behavior and the course curriculum

Step 2 - Knowledge Phase

Combination of Zoom classes and discussions that are supported by our course book

Step 3 - Skill Week

Intensive individual coaching week with Scott Stauffer

Step 4 - Practice Phase

This is the time for you to practice, practice and practice ... for a minimum of 4 months

Step 5 - Final Assessment
& Graduation

Congratulations, you are almost there!

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