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Who we support

This page is devoted to special causes we support. ADB is not compensated in any way for featuring these links, nor are your clicks monetized. In short, this is not an ad page, but a way for us to support these amazing groups. We hope that you will check them out. Thank you!


PURPOSE: To aid the communities of the Navajo Nation (Eastern Agency) in managing the homeless pet overpopulation issue via rescue/relocation. We are strictly volunteer-based; we are not a 501c3 organization. Donations accepted thru Paypal/Zelle.

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The goal of this group is to provide information about people of color. We are all about diversity and inclusion. This includes educational content that may be uncomfortable to the members of this group. We will also share accomplishments & achievements about POC. 

Ludar Animal Behavior (“LAB”) offers behavior management, training, and wellness services for a wide variety of species. We use utilize science and focus on fortifying the human-animal bond. By using our knowledge from Ethology (Animal Behavior), Zoology, Psychology, and Neuroethology; we provide humane, practical, and long-term solutions. Whether you are experiencing issues with aggression, need to train your pet to take medications, or want to create better habitats for captive animals, we can help!

In addition to helping pet parents, we also provide educational resources to mental health professionals, social workers, veterinarians, zookeepers, wildlife rehabbers, trainers, groomers, and many others. For animal training philosophies, we adhere to LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy.

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Dog Mountain is set on 150 acres on a mountain top location in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The grounds are always open to people and their dogs. This unspoiled haven is covered with hiking trails and dog ponds. Dogs are not just welcome here, they are cherished!

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