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Doggie Daycares
consultations & staff training

We understand that managing a daycare isn't easy.

The challenges of interviewing dogs and people, keeping up with the newest techniques, protocols and products while trying to maintain a successful business are real.


Unfortunately, the influential role you play on a dog's emotional and physical safety, which in turn helps the doggie parent feel safe as well, is all too often overlooked. But at the end of the day, you, your staff and your business are destined to become a dog parent's trusted source.

A business such as yours will rise and fall with the staff. How your team recognizes and meets not only a dog's physical needs, but also their emotional needs sets your business apart from other daycares. We hear you and understand how important you are, and we are here to help.

Whether you are still in the planning stages of your new facility or your business is already up and running, our consultation package will be customized to your unique needs, but typically includes:

  • the training (re-training) of staff following an emotions and needs based approach using Affective Dog Behavior

  • management and organizational recommendations

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