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Affective Dog Behavior strives to become the most comprehensive collection of various sciences translated into "dog" by dog lovers for dog lovers. We are not scientists but canine professionals with a keen interest in Affective Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience and general Neuroscience and an uncanny desire to make these sciences more accessible and relatable to anybody who wants to better understand how and why Emotions Affect Behavior, and how emotional connection is key to helping dogs thrive in their human-centered environments. While each course earns a stand-alone certificate of achievement, some courses also serve as building blocks to full ADB certification in Affective Canine Therapy (ACT). As an ADB-Affective Canine Therapist, the interested student may qualify to enroll in an additional program to become an ADB Instructor.

Note: Since ADB is a developing program, all fees and services stated are subject to change.

ADB-KG (Knowledge Graduate) - certificate of achievement


ADB-KG is not an organized course, therefore, ADB-KG is without enrollment. For the student, learning is self-paced; to prepare for the ADB-KG assessment, the student can choose from a variety of content sources as listed below. To earn the ADB-KG certificate, the student will demonstrate that they have acquired sufficient knowledge to pass the assessment with a score of 80% or higher. The assessment consists of 75 questions. This test can be taken in writing or, by special request, orally during a Zoom interview. In the event that a student misses the required score, the student can re-assess within 365 days of the original assessment date at no additional charge. This test for re-assessment is currently being developed and not yet available. Thank you for your patience.


Your ADB-Team will be on stand-by to support you all the way.


Assessment instructions:

(please read all assessment instructions carefully)

  • you can now purchase the ADB-KG test and take it later (or immediately) by setting your desired start date (please mark that date in your calendar - we don't want you to miss it)

  • from that start date you have 7 days to complete and submit the assessment

  • once you start your assessment, you have 300 minutes (5 hours) to complete all 75 questions and submit your answers

  • as long as you keep your assessment form open, you can edit your answers; once you close or delete the form, you will have to start over (within one week of purchase)

  • not only are you allowed to "cheat", but we also encourage you to look up answers or ask your ADB Team or others for help by any means possible (within the 300-minute timeframe)

  • if you want to save your response (assessment), select the "save my response" button on your thank you page when you submit your response

  • once submitted, your response cannot be edited

  • official passing score is 80%; if you do not reach this score but show a general understanding of ADB principles, the ADB Team will help you work through the missed answers in a Zoom interview for a passing score

  • expect to hear from us within 10 days after submitting your assessment

Assessment Fee - $150.00

Assessment Fee with proof of purchase of official ADB Study Guide - 30% discount (applies to full exam fee only)

ADB knowledge can be acquired through various sources, including our official 2-part ADB Knowledge Study Guide, which includes source links, graphics and supporting videos. Additionally, students can learn through any of the sources listed below. Learning is at the student's pace and without the pressures of scheduled classes, and the exam can be taken when the student feels ready. While there are no minimum requirements, we do encourage our students to team up with a study partner or a qualified mentor, and to actively participate in the Facebook ADB-Group discussions.

Preferred content sources:

ADB Patreon memberships (click here) - from free to advanced options

Official ADB study guide (parts 1 & 2) - $250 (incl. 30% off going exam fee)

List of ADB sources (click here) - free

ADB webinars, workshops & seminars (live and recorded) - varies

ADB tutoring (private) - set by tutor

Virtual roleplay classes - TBD

Facebook ADB-Group discussions (click here) - free

ADB live feeds - free

YouTube videos (Scott Stauffer: click here / ADB: click here) - free

Any other sources that may convey supportive knowledge, including blog posts, science papers, suggested books; if any non-ADB sources are used, we encourage the student to discuss their findings by posting questions, source and intent (ADB exam) on our Facebook groups and tag a member of admin.

For additional information or special requests, please e-mail to

The ADB study guide includes nine modules and covers the following topics; while entirely optional, it is the most comprehensive and thus the most valuable ADB Knowledge source available:

  • The concept of Affective Dog Behavior

  • The nervous system & the brain

  • The levels of control ("levels of control" is a term used in Jaak Panksepp's Affective Neuroscience to identify how the brain organizes itself)

  • The Primary Emotional Systems of SEEKING, RAGE, FEAR, LUST, CARE, PANIC/GRIEF and PLAY

  • Social creature comfort (taking a look at basic Social Neuroscience)

  • Helping dogs feel safe WITH us but in THEIR ways

  • "Learned Helplessness"

  • How do dogs really learn?

  • The ups and downs of stress

  • Oxytocin, endogenous opioids & dopamine

  • ADB applied

  • Making the case for connection

ADB-SG (Skill Graduate) - certificate of achievement


While ADB-SG is independent from ADB-KG, students who forego ADB-KG are required to attend the Making the Case for Connection workshop. Knowledge, though vital in everything we do, is only one element of the ADB equation; the other is to learn how to apply Affective Dog Behavior in real life, with the focus being on how dogs process their environment internally rather than limiting ourselves to protocol and technique. This in-person* coaching week allows for enough flexibility to accommodate the student’s unique personal or professional needs. At time of enrollment, the student will select from one of five special interest areas: private individual (non-professional), dog trainer, dog walker, daycare staff, rescue/shelter attendant. Skill Week is a time of undivided attention between student and qualified ADB coach. Below is a list of acceptable coaching situations for Skill Week. For a successful Skill Week at the student's location, the student will set up a 7 to 10 coaching sessions and submit the schedule to ADB no later than one week prior to Skill Week. While ADB can guide the student through this process, the student understands that the final responsibility lies with them.

If the student chooses to complete Skill Week at ADB in Trinidad, Colorado, the ADB team will make arrangements for qualifying coaching sessions.

For the experienced virtual learner, we will try accommodate very special circumstances and offer Skill Week via Zoom. For greater student satisfaction, we will decide on whether to accept or decline a student's enrollment in this option on a pre-enrollment Zoom interview. 

For additional information or special requests, please e-mail to

ADB-SG requirements and cost:

- Attendance of the ADB "Making the Case for Connection" workshop - $175.00

  (unless the student is an ADB-KG)

- Skill Week (7 - 10 qualified sessions) - $2,200.00* + $50** per client-paid session

- Minimum of 10 ADB-oriented sessions in chosen special interest area as evidenced by video submissions

  case reports and client statements (if applicable). Submitted videos are to be 10 - 20 minutes in length.

- Graduation interview with a focus on role play, etc.

*$2,200 payable either in full at time of enrollment or in self-determined installments with a non-refundable downpayment (enrollment fee) in the amount of $500 due at time of enrollment and the final payment due no later than two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the first scheduled day of Skill Week

**$50 per client-paid session payable during Skill Week


The special interest areas are:

Non-professional (have own dog)

  • In-home coaching

  • Coaching on walk/trail

  • Dog park observations

  • Optional: coaching with a "borrowed" dog (shelter, family or friends)

Dog trainer (have access to human/dog clients)

  • Individual human/dog client session - in home

  • Individual human/dog client session - on walk/trail

  • Multi-dog household client session

  • Dog park observations

  • Optional: doggie daycare/boarding/board & train (have pre-authorized access to facility dogs)

  • Optional: professional dog walking session (with written client authorization)

Dog walker (have pre-authorized access to clients)

  • Individual dog walk

  • Multi-dog walk

  • Dog park observations

  • Optional: doggie daycare/boarding/board & train (have pre-authorized access to facility dogs)

  • Optional: dog training session

Daycare (have pre-authorized access to doggie daycare)

  • PLAY & managing a group of dogs

  • Incoming dogs

  • Daycare dog walk

  • Dog park observations

  • Optional: dog training session

Rescue/Shelter (have pre-authorized access to rescue/shelter dogs)

  • Individual dog walk

  • Multi-dog walk

  • Dog park observations

  • Optional: PLAY & managing a group of dogs

  • Optional: dog training session

ADB Making the Case for Connection - certificate of attendance

MCC workshop

Students attending this special 6-hour workshop will learn about the functional importance of the following mechanisms: FEAR, RAGE, stress, learned helplessness, PANIC/GRIEF (loneliness, sadness, grief) and CARE, as well as learn the very basics of all 7 Primary Emotional Systems. Attendance is mandatory for students who are enrolling in Skill Week without holding the ADB-KG certificate. This workshop will be held multiple times (4 times or more) throughout the year, and also on special request to meet Skill Week requirements.

Attendance - $175.00

ADB-ACT (ADB certified Affective Canine Therapy)


The formula to earning ADB certification status is as follows:

               ADB-KG   +   ADB-SG   +   practice*  +  final exam (Zoom interview) = ADB-ACT

               (*) The minimum time required to apply ADB in real life is 4 months, during which time the student submits

                    4 unedited 30-minute videos demonstrating their application of ADB knowledge, skills and principles.                          During this time, and any other time, students are encouraged to ask questions, attend ADB workshops                      and continue to learn as much as possible to help refine their knowledge and skills in preparation for                          their final exam.

Continuous Education: annual attendance of a 4-hour ADB Continuous Education Workshop is required to maintain certification status.

ADB-ACT Costs:

Final exam - $450.00

Continuous Education Workshops (2 per year) - $35.00 + additional CEUs

Instructor Program 


Details will be announced soon!

Additional courses - details to be announced

ADB Reactivity

ADB Default Passivity (LH): prevention, diagnosis and therapy of "shut down"

ADB in shelter situations

Certificate of Attendance

ADB CEUs (ADB CEUs do not apply to other organizations)



In a world that is becoming increasingly more high-tech and less personal, we still believe that connecting with our students on an old-fashioned personal level is fun and the most beneficial for all parties involved. True to these principles, we have decided to maintain our manual enrollment process rather than online enrollment.

ADB-KG is not a structured course and does not require enrollment; however, enrollment is required for the ADB-KG exam.

To enroll in the ADB-SG week, the ADB-C program or the ADB Instructor program, please e-mail or call us directly at:

email: - subject line: enrollment

phone: Diana Kastner at 719-680-2061

By enrolling into this program you acknowledge that you have read and are in agreement with our terms and conditions set forth in Terms & Conditions

Notice to business owners:  If you enroll a member of your staff, please understand that even though you are our client, our primary focus will be on the student's education, emotional and mental well-being and safety. In our role as the educator, we will protect our students' interests in every aspect possible; furthermore, we will require that all Skill Week students be allowed the time to carry out their responsibilities for a successful coaching time as well as the opportunities necessary to study, produce and review videos and practice the application of ADB in their professional settings within your organization. Thank you!

cancelation & refund policy

Cancelation & Refund

Skill Week tuition: We realize that life doesn't always go as planned and financial circumstances may change. Should you find yourself in a challenging situation, and cancellation is requested no later than 4 weeks prior to scheduled Skill Week, we will issue a refund of all monies paid less $500 non-refundable enrollment. No refund will be offered for cancellations within the 4-week period preceding Skil Week. Cancellations have to be by e-mail to with the explicit subject line "SKILL WEEK CANCELLATION"

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