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Welcome to our ADB Announcement Board

With Patreon being so much more flexible, user-friendly and fun, we have decided to move all our membership activities to our new site on Patreon. The good news is that you can join us there for free to enjoy some basic perks or, if you want to understand ADB on a deeper level, you can join one of the other membership options. Just click on the black Patreon icon to check us out! Thank you so much for your continued support and interest in ADB.


This is where we can offer the most flexible and engaging membership options, including a free option.

Currently, we are building our Glossary to define some of the most important terminology used throughout Affective Dog Behavior. This Glossary is accessible to the public, so you don't have to become a member to learn.

Click on the black Patreon icon to check us out!


WORKSHOP Webinars (6-5-24)

Our next two webinars are set up and coming up fast. Click on the picture to get to the official info site!

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eventbrite pic.png

WHERE is Scott Stauffer? (6-4-24)

Currently, he is in San Francisco.

Please reach out to us, if you need help with your or your client's dog. 

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