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Dog Trainers

Yes, we coach trainers, too!

We have all been there: No matter how good we are as trainers, at some point we will meet a dog who challenges us a bit more than the rest. Typically, that's when we reach out to other trainers or a vet behaviorist. 

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Yes, Affective Dog Behavior is small; not because it isn't good, but because it is different. ADB fills in the blanks; the things that are all too often overlooked. A dog's communication doesn't start with body posture, lip licks or growls, but with brain processes and observable changes so subtle that they tend to be missed, especially when: 

  • we do not understand at least the basics of how the nervous system processes external stimuli

  • we cannot look beyond observable behaviors

  • our primary focus is on changing behaviors

With Affective Dog Behavior we can help you either with individual cases or provide you with science and the skills to apply the science in real life through our official program. To assist you, we would either meet on Zoom or, depending on location, in person. And to enhance your learning, we also offer to analyze your videos - together with you and walk you through our observations step by step.

Emotions Affect Behavior!

Training Facilities
We are looking for R+/FF facilities in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California

Is your training center located in either of the following States: New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada or California? Does your training program follow force free, positive reinforcement methodologies? 

We are currently exploring the idea of creating a guest-trainer program. As your guest trainer, Scott Stauffer would spend 3 to 6 consecutive weeks at your facility where he would offer Affective Dog Behavior group classes and individual training sessions to clients who do not easily fit into your current training program and would otherwise seek the help of your competitors. Ideally, this would be an annual event, which would allow you to prepare your clients for Scott Stauffer's availability in advance.

Training facility
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