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Dog Run

We have all been there: No matter how good we are as trainers, at some point we will meet a dog that challenges us a bit more than the rest, and we feel a strong need to reach out to other trainers or a vet behaviorist. 

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Society can make it hard to ask for help - especially as professionals. But you are not alone. After all, the urge to ask for help is innate. It's a need you have, and we need each other. How can we help you?



One of the most overlooked perspectives is that of a dog's needs: recognizing and meeting their emotional needs in the moment. All too often we focus so much on changing behaviors that we miss the little things the dog might be trying to tell us. 

Emotions Affect Behavior!

Our Rates:


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Per Session


Video Analysis

First 10-min video

Each add'l 5 min






Plus sales tax (if applicable)

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