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Practice Assessment
(10 questions)

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(2) Online Assessment
ADB-KG Certificate

(75 questions)


(Do not purchase this Assignment until you are ready to take the test!)


The SG certificate is to learn how to apply ADB in real live through our Skill Week.
Skill Week is entirely customized to your professional or personal needs.
Currently, we offer three ways to take Skill Week:

  1. If you are located in the Southwest, Scott Stauffer can travel to your location where he will coach you with your clients or your own dog(s).

  2. You can also opt to spend a week at our homebase in south-central Colorado and combine Skill Week with vacation-style sightseeing and exploration.

  3. Last but not least, Zoom is a great medium for Skill Week when travel might not be an option.

​For more detailed information about the ADB-SG certificate click here.



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Recommended reading and video links

The following resources were used in support of the official ADB-KG Study Guide. We are making these available to everyone looking to find free education and a no-cost way to study for their ADB-KG test. As this page is still under development, the links are not yet in any particular order. We appreciate your patience.

More to come ...

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