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Dog Walkers
are a special kind of canine professionals

Dear Dog Walker,

You have picked a very rewarding yet oftentimes under-appreciated profession. Please don't undervalue yourself! You have so much influence on the dog's day-to-day emotional welfare and overall safety of not just the dog in front of you but those around you as well. We understand the day-to-day stress of driving around, gathering dogs, making sure they are safe on the walks, making sure that YOU are emotionally safe and dropping them off at the end of the walk. We understand the difficult clients when you have to say "no thank you", and we know about the challenges of having to introduce new dogs to a group. 

Experience has taught us that if you walk as fast as your slowest dog, you will be better than the best dog walkers out there. Your dogs will trust you for meeting their needs in the moment, and your human clients will turn to you with most dog-related questions.

But what about YOU? How are you doing? Are you okay?

Do you have any questions for us? I.e. questions like:

  • are you expected to train the dog on the walks?

  • are you supposed to play with the dog or walk nonstop?

  • should the dog stay on leash or have some off-leash freedom? 

  • what are you to do if your client dog is reactive?

Scott Stauffer has many years of professional experience walking groups of dogs with reactive tendencies, and he wants to help you wherever he can. As Scott is now traveling the lower 48s, he can either assist you in person when he is in your area, or he can assist you remotely via Zoom; a third option would be for you to send us a video of your situation that we can analyze for you and with you. Either way, we are here if you need help!

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