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Shelters & Rescues
staff & volunteer training
community outreach

Dear staff and volunteers,


You are a special type of animal lover, kind, compassionate and devoted. The future of the animals in your facility lies in your hands. The care you offer marks the beginning of a successful integration into their new forever homes. While the animals are with you, you become their trusted source and meeting their needs is part of your job of passion. 

Our job of passion is to help dog enthusiasts build better relationships with the dogs in their care so that both, human and dog, can feel safe, and our efforts do, of course, extend to rescues and shelters. How you engage with the dogs in your care paired with our community outreach ideas can help lower the staggering number of dogs surrendered for behavioral issues.  


Our consultation package will be customized to your unique needs, but typically includes:

  • the training (re-training) of staff following an emotions and needs based approach using Affective Dog Behavior

  • management and organizational recommendations, including community outreach ideas

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