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Dear Dog Parent

Dog Behavior

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Addressing Dog Behavior

With so much conflicting information and so many different methods to choose from, selecting the right dog behavior consultant/trainer can be overwhelming. Sadly, over the past decades, dog training has been so normalized that we have forgotten how to just be with dogs - without expectations or social pressures. And thus, we are forever chasing after the next best technique, the promise of quick-fix gadgets, highest quality treats and enrichment strategies, and so much more to help us shape and modify our dogs' behaviors to our liking. But what we rarely focus on is how our dogs feel about our efforts. What we rarely focus on are their emotional needs and how to put relationship first. 

How we are different

We want to help change this - not just by teaching a set of training skills, but by sharing with you the kind of information that helps you better understand your emotional dog; information that is not typically passed on to dog parents. We believe in answering your questions, and in showing you right then and there how much fun it can be to walk your pulling dog, how rewarding it can be to help your reactive dog feel more confident, or how to help your dog be less anxious. We do not have the magic bullet, but we do have the science and the skills, and we believe that non-professional dog enthusiasts should have access to the same science, information and skills that is available to canine professionals.

What ADB can help with

Independent of location:

Living with puppies, adolescent and adult dogs

Bringing home a new dog

Leash manners, including lunging and pulling

Reactivity & aggression

Separation-related issues, including separation anxiety

Chewing and other destructive behaviors

Fearful tendencies

Resource guarding 

Jumping up and other "annoying" behaviors

And so much more

Near Trinidad, Colorado:

In addition to individual sessions, starting in mid-2024, we will offer small group classes.

What you can expect

Typically, we start by discussing a client's dog behavior issues over the phone. That way, you will get an idea of how we work, and we will be better prepared for our in-person session, which is especially important in cases that involve aggression. Additionally, an initial phone call will allow us to give you some pointers that can help make things easier for you until we meet.

Ideally, and to prevent unnecessary additional stress for your dog, we will meet at your home, unless the behavior issues are best addressed at another location.

Should the session be on Zoom, we will discuss the setup prior to the meeting to assure that you will get the most out of the session.

Each session will last somewhere between 1.5 to 2 hours (give or take).

Even though, the majority of our clients are able to continue what we teach after only one session, depending on your needs and the nature and complexity of the behavior issues, more than one session may be recommended. Therefore, we offer single sessions as well as discounted 3-session packages.

Additional services

Depending on your location or circumstances, we may be able to assist you with your dog sitting or dog walking needs. Please don't hesitate to ask us about these additional services.

How did we do?

If we have worked with you, would you mind letting us know how we did? Thank you!

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