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Looking for Hosts
from workshops to Q&A meet-ups

It's no secret, we love to talk to groups of people!

And so, we travel the country to meet with audiences to teach about the emotional canine brain and discuss Affective Dog Behavior.

To continue this, we would like to talk to YOU, especially, if you are eager to learn about canine emotionality, have a room/facility large enough to seat a small group of people and a TV (with HDMI) as well as a few chairs.

Our workshop:

Our 1-to-3-day workshops are informative, fun and interactive, as we combine education and science with hands-on demonstrations with up to three client/demo dogs to demonstrate how our participants can apply Affective Dog Behavior in the real world.

Your workshop:

If you are planning your own event, we would love to discuss the opportunity of becoming a guest speaker.

Q&A Meet-ups:

The relaxed atmosphere of sitting down with an interested audience loaded with questions is probably the most fun way to engage. These events are ideal for learners who do not have the time or the patience to sit through a regular workshop but are looking for answers about specific dog behavior, training and dog handling issues. Our Q & A Meet-ups are perfect for dog parents, shelter and rescue organizations and their foster people. The Meet-ups can be attended in-person as well as via Zoom. With a minimum of 5 participants, we can meet either at a daycare, rescue or training facility, at a dog or city park, a restaurant or even at a private venue ... we are very flexible.

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