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International Students

In an effort to make our program accessible to international students and US residents of Hawaii and Alaska, we have decided to offer two options:

Option 1:

Attendance Certificate: This qualification is awarded for the attendance of all 7 scheduled ADB Level 1 Zoom Classes as well as the Diversity Class. For the schedule and topics, please click here. (This option is only available to students who reside outside the contiguous United States of America.) To earn this qualification, the student is required to:

(a) attend 6 out of the 7 scheduled ADB Zoom classes live (if the student misses one class, a link to the recording of said class will be provided and a 30-minute follow-up class will be offered to discuss the recording) and

(b) attend the Diversity Class live.

Students choosing this option will have access to the course manuals as well as to the 2023 Facebook student group page and all 2023 ADB Webinars.

Tuition for this option is US-$1,050.00

Option 2:

2023 Level 1 ADB Certification Course: This option is open to students who reside outside the contiguous United States of America and are

(a) skilled in utilizing Zoom for training sessions and are able to arrange Skill Week via Zoom, and with consideration to the difference in time zones agreed upon by the student and the coach prior to enrollment, or

(b) able and willing to travel to our location near Trinidad, Colorado for in-person Skill Week.


Students interested in this option are advised to familiarize themselves with the entire Curriculum and in particular with the requirements for Skill Week and tuition information prior to enrollment. 

Tuition for this option is US-$2,900.00 (if paid in full at enrollment) or $3,300.00 (with payment plan); for more information about tuition, please click here

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