Scott Stauffer

Scott Stauffer is one of the creators of Affective Dog Behavior. During most of his 25 years as a K9 Life Coach, Scott has worked with groups of people and dogs, and has gained many years of extensive experience in doggie daycares and as a dog walker of “problem” dogs ... the kind of dogs that were expelled from groups and daycares. Not only has he learned from dogs and developed a very unique, emotions-based approach to handling dogs and humans, he self-educates in the fields of Affective Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience and Neuroscience; a combination of which is the foundation of Affective Dog Behavior.

Currently, Scott spends his time traveling the USA. In his capacity as a Traveling Dog Trainer, he is helping dog owners, doggie daycares and dog walkers understand the importance of the

dogs feeling safe and how to answer to a dog’s desire to feel safe and social, which, in many cases may help them keep “troubled” dogs in their care. Additionally, Scott also assists fellow trainers with clients that are not responding well to typical training methods and may otherwise face an uncertain future.

One of the goals of Affective Dog Behavior is to promote the idea that “Emotions Affect Behaviors” so that each dog and human can feel heard, wanted and acknowledged. Click here to access Scott's page.

Diana Kastner

Diana is a fulltime banker who has accumulated many years of experience volunteering with “problem” rescue dogs in Tennessee. Thanks to issues with her own adopted misfits, she has never stopped searching for answers; until, one fateful day in 2016, she discovered one of Scott Stauffer's YouTube videos. His mentorship to Diana finally turned into a business partnership, during which they founded K9 Life Coaching, LLC and created the concept of Affective Dog Behavior. In the meantime, Diana has  earned two Diplomas from Canine Principles: One in “Force Free Canine Coaching”, and another in “Rescue Dog Cognition and Rehabilitation”. However, her education hasn’t stopped there, as a keen, active curiosity  about the emotional canine brain through Affective Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience and Neuroscience has become another interest she shares with Scott. To get to Diana's page, please click here