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Scott Stauffer - K9 Life Coach, ADB-I
Creator of Affective Dog Behavior
Co-founder and co-owner of K9 Life Coaching, LLC

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K9 Life Coaching. Bringing a different perspective to help improve your relationship with your dog. It's about you as well. Education and communication for all.
Bringing Affective and Social Neuroscience to Behaviorism.
Affective Dog Behavior.

All mammals have Primary Emotional Systems. Each behavior you see is influenced by them. Each behavior is a form of communication that helps a dog SEEK safety.
It's innate; dogs are born with this, and so are you.


I travel the lower 48s to bring a relationship-based approach to dog parents and volunteer or professional dog guardians. I am also available for dog sitting, coaching dog walkers, trainers and doggie daycare staff.


To get a hold of me, please call me directly at 530-917-6712 or call my business number at 719-680-2061.

Thank you for stopping by my page,

Your Nomadic Dog Trainer

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