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SEMINARS workshop style

After a long journey through COVID19, we are now able again to offer in-person coaching. Please allow us to help you help your dog feel safe WITH you but in THEIR ways.


And if in-person is not an option, don't worry; we still have your backs. If you have a computer or a smart phone available to connect long distance, we can still help you better your relationship with your 4-legged companion. We are flexible in that we can either coach you via ZOOM or FB video Messenger. 


Shelters & Rescues, Doggie Daycares and Boarding Facilities, are you ready to enter a new era in canine husbandry by learning about and using canine emotions to improve connection, relationships and the dog's overall wellbeing while in your care?

We are hosting fun-filled, educational workshops throughout the lower 48s, and we would like to team up with you to host one of our next events. 




We can analyze your videos of your dog's interactions with the world, or of your training sessions. This service is available to both canine professionals as well as private individuals.


Every once in a while, we come across a situation that may need something other than what we are used to. And for these situations, we are available to assist YOU, the trainer, DURING your live training sessions ... typically via Zoom


Whether you are starting up a new business, hiring new staff members or managing an existing team, we can assist you with staff training. Depending on the number of staff members, this will require a minimum of 2 days at your facility. Please contact us to set up an initial Zoom consult.


Affective Dog Behavior is not your typical training regimen that is based on step-by-step protocol or tied to a specific method. Affective Dog Behavior implements an emotions-based approach that is paired with education for the human learner and "therapy" for the dog. Up until recently, all we could consider in training were the dog's behaviors that we could see. That's it! But times are changing, and aside from being a body language expert, we now have a lot more quivers in our basket that help us understand the behaviors we see so much better: the knowledge of what happens internally - including in the brain, and the skills to utilize that knowledge in ways that help the dog feel safe in THEIR ways WITH you. We coach:

Private individuals: Wouldn't it be nice if your dog would look for your support when "trouble is on the horizon"? And you know exactly what to do to help your dog cope in THEIR way, which ultimately helps them build resiliency?

Canine professionals: Trainers, dog walkers, dog sitters, rescuers, doggie daycare workers ... yes, we coach you, too. Understanding the emotional canine brain is key to understanding the dog. Affective Dog Behavior isn't designed to replace what you already do, rather it is to enhance your skills through more knowledge. Yes, you are aware of a dog's emotions, but awareness alone isn't all there is to it, and what we can teach you will set you apart from any other professional in your area.

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