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2023 Level 1 Certification

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October 22, 2022:
Dogs need water: how to identify and meet your dog's less obvious needs

"We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think."

- Antonio Damasio 

Welcome to Affective Dog Behavior (ADB), where we educate the curious, and coach the eager dog lover in all things canine emotions and behavior. Emotions Affect Behavior! For a quick introduction of Affective Dog Behavior, please click here.


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What's New?
Updated 9-21-22

Scott Stauffer, founder of ADB has arrived in Buffalo, MN. He will be available for dog discussions at least through October 10.

From October 13 - 16, Scott Stauffer will attend the International Wolf Symposium in Minneapolis to learn even more about the genus Canis. Symposium registration closes September 30. If you are interested to sign up, please check
Enrollment for the 2023 Level 1
Certification Course is underway through December 31st. A total of only 12 spots is available. And we are now able to offer this course to our international friends. 

October 22nd Webinar: Dogs need water: how to identify and meet your dog's less obvious needs

Workshop details are still being worked out for 
Nashville, TN     
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