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"When the choices are treats or prongs, choose emotional connection" (ADB)


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Affective Dog Behavior is different from any training program you may have encountered in the past. With ADB we don't focus on training per se but on teaching you how to live with your dog and how to get to the root of their behaviors. The easiest - and most interesting - way for you to have a harmonious life with your furry companion is by learning what transpires inside of their brain and how to apply that knowledge in real life. Emotions Affect Behavior, and honestly, we cannot train emotions away. Since it is you who has the privilege of living with your dog, and it is you and no one else your dog should turn to when life shows its most challenging sides, we are of the opinion that you should have the same access to the knowledge and skills professional trainers have access to. Learning how and why Emotions Affect Behavior will help you better understand your dog. ADB may seem like a new concept, but it isn't really new. All social animals, human or non-human, are born with social needs, specifically with a need for emotional connection. We rely on emotional connection in all aspects of our lives, even during moments of stress, fear, anxiety or anger, and ADB puts emotional connection to the forefront. You'd be surprised what a difference this type of coaching will make in your dog's behavior and subsequently in your life with your dog. 

How can we help?

Dear Dog Parent

How are you today? Is it fair to assume that you are struggling with some of your dog's behaviors? Or maybe you have just added a new furry companion to your family and decided to look for help before problems arise? Either way, thank you for visiting our page. We would love to help you. We would love to teach you about your dog and help you become your dog's most trusted source, the person they turn to when life becomes a bit too overwhelming for them, and thus avoiding big, uncontrollable emotions.

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Canine Professionals & Volunteer Staff

Whether you are a dog walker, manage or work at a daycare, train dogs for a living, or devote your life to shelter/rescue work, we understand the challenges that await you day in and day out. No matter how successful we are in our profession, at some point we will find ourselves in a situation when we need to seek more education, advice or assistance. We hear you; we are here for you!

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Affective Dog Behavior is an educational program known for its focus on the emotional canine brain. Based on various branches of neuroscience, we are determined to make modern science easier accessible especially to dog parents and other non-professional dog enthusiasts through our growing collection of educational materials, courses and workshops/webinars. 

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We got you covered


The Affective Dog Behavior homebase is on stolen Jicarilla Apache and Southern Ute land, near the small town of Trinidad, Colorado. From there, we serve all of Las Animas County, Huerfano County, Pueblo County, the town of Durango (and surrounding areas), as well as Raton, NM (and surrounding areas). We are open for special arrangements outside of these areas. 


An ADB Team member and aspiring certified ADB Instructor services the Clearfield, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.



On his travels throughout the lower 48's, Scott Stauffer may just come through your area. Keep your eyes open for special tour-announcements.


However, if you are in need of more immediate assistance and located outside our typical service areas, we are happy to connect with you on Zoom or, if necessary, over the phone.

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Recent Blog Posts

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“I highly recommend Affective Dog Behavior. Diana and Scott helped us to see a different way to train our GS puppy. I was skeptical at first but they made me a true believer. We can take Chito anywhere now and have much more quality time. We will definitely continue to use them as our puppy grows."

Joy Bailiff - Trinidad, CO

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