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Coming soon:

Our new educational program will include various diploma courses as well as an ADB Instructor Program.

What's New?
Updated 5-14-23

What's happening: Our merch shop is up and running. Please check out some of our products right here.

We are making it easier to learn Affective Dog Behavior. Please bear with us while we restructure our "Education" pages.

Skill Week Diploma: July 1st - 5th, 2023, we will host the first ADB Skill Week for one of our students right here at our business location near Trinidad, CO. During Skill Week, our students will get ADB-instructor guided hands-on experience in how to apply ADB in their specific real world, be it in the fields of dog training, dog walking, shelter and rescue staff, doggie daycare attendants or private dog owners. Skill Week can be in-person either at your home (within the contiguous US), or at our location near Trinidad, CO; in some cases, we can arrange Skill Week as a virtual event. Until our education pages are revised with the latest information, for inquiries or to book your Skill Week, please call Diana Kastner at 719-680-2061 or email to

Webinars: We will restart our monthly webinar series at the end of June. Thank you for your patience. 

"We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think."

- Antonio Damasio 

Welcome to Affective Dog Behavior (ADB), where we educate the curious, and coach the eager dog lover in all things canine emotions and behavior. Emotions Affect Behavior! For a quick introduction of Affective Dog Behavior, please click here.


To read the interview with Dr. Marc Bekoff or to access our NEWSLETTER, click on the images above.

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