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2023 Level 1 Certification

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July 31, 2022:
The art of "doing nothing" with your dog

"We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think."

- Antonio Damasio 

Welcome to Affective Dog Behavior (ADB), where we educate the curious, and coach the eager dog lover in all things canine emotions and behavior. Emotions Affect Behavior! For a quick introduction of Affective Dog Behavior, please click here.


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Updated 6-20-22

We are currently working on creating a monthly online newsletter. The first newsletter will be published on July 1st

Enrollment for the 2023 Level 1 Certification Course underway through December 31st. A total of only 12 spots is available

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Nashville, TN                 Burlington, VT
Buffalo, MN                   

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