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Affective Dog Behavior goes on Tour - Leaving California

There is one thing to say for dreams: If you hang on to them, nurture them and finally pursue them, they have a habit of coming true. And suddenly you get to live them. To travel and train was that special dream for Scott. And what better reason to hit the road than to "deliver" your brain-child - in this case Affective Dog Behavior - personally to the doorsteps of those who can benefit from it the most: canine professionals and doggie parents who want to help their dogs feel safe.

Let the journey begin

After a rocky start due to mechanical "issues" with the travel vehicle, Scott and his two sidekicks Belle and Blue inched their way along I-80 up to Donner Pass, where they got to enjoy a fantastic view of Donner Lake and even met Wolfman. Wolfman is a creature of the night, nocturnal by nature and quite elusive. Only now, with Halloween around the corner, Wolfman is a wee bit more curious and active, and those less afraid of an encounter may just catch the occasional glimpse.

Good-bye California

Hello Nevada

As Scott entered Nevada, he bid farewell to California in his rearview mirror.

The funny thing is that as I am typing this, Scott is feeding me pictures of his early adventures. It's 8:10 pm PST, and he just sent me the first pictures of Reno. As if meeting Wolfman wasn't exciting enough, he caught up to another friend of the night: The Plague Doctor. And, of course, Belle and Blue are enjoying the colorful light displays of Reno. What's ahead still for tonight? Driving on to the first overnight destination: Winnemucca.

Where will this journey lead?

Come tomorrow, Scott will go on to Salt Lake City, then to Montrose in Colorado and from there to Trinidad, CO, where we will host our very first Affective Dog Behavior Workshop, followed by another one in Durango just a week later. Next major stop after Colorado is Minnesota and back again to Colorado. Other locations will include Seattle and Olympia, Washington and also Tucson, Arizona. The details for these location still have to be finalized, though.

Would you like to add your location to the journey? Would you like to meet Scott and talk dogs? Contact us ... the more the merrier!

Final ADB destination? At your "doorstep"!!!

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