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Largest 7 PES-pics poster.png
SEEKING plus non-social emotional systems.png
SEEKING plus social emotional systems.png
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dog dads 2.jpg
dog dads 3.jpg
EAB 1.jpg
EAB 2.jpg
EAB 3.jpg
logo 1.jpg
logo 2.jpg
logo 3.jpg
Posters: 7 Primary Emotional Systems explained
Design: "Dog dads support dog moms"
Design: "Emotions. Affect. Behaviors."
Design: ADB logo
Access 3.jpg
Access 1.jpg
Access 2.jpg
care 2.jpg
care 3.jpg
care 1.jpg
Accessories: hats, stickers, totes, mugs, etc.
Design: #CARE
These are available in all 7 Primary Emotional Systems
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