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Private Clients

Hello, how are you? Thank you for checking out our website and this page in particular. 

Is it fair to assume that you are in need of help with your dog? We realize that, with so many different options and so much conflicting information, especially on social media, finding the right canine professional can be quite the challenge. We hear you, and we would like to assist you in any way possible. 

Our approach is not only force free, but 100% emotions and needs-based. What that means for you and your dog is that your relationship with your dog is and will always be #1 priority, whether you and your dog are struggling with reactivity, aggression or separation anxiety (to name just a few). 

We will help you become your dog's trusted source so that, when life becomes too challenging or overwhelming, your dog will look to connect with you rather than tackle the issue on their own.

Please feel free to explore our website some more to learn as much as possible about us. And when you are ready, we would absolutely love to discuss your situation with you to help you find the best solution. 


Our Rates:


Per Session


Per Session


Video Analysis

First 10-min video

Each add'l 5 min






Plus sales tax (if applicable)

Please contact us for more information or to set up a session

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